Gary & Reina Bronz Painting Paperhanging and Decorating Corp is proud to be serving the greater Long Island / Tri-State Area for over 80 Years. We take pride in our workmanship and nothing is more important than the satisfaction of our customers.

We are a full-service contracting company dedicated to providing you with top of the line professional products through an extensive selection of high caliber paints and durable, long-lasting industrial and commercial surface coatings. Our reputation as one of Long Island's premier commercial and industrial painting and wall-covering companies is a reflection of our expertly trained and qualified staff.

Company History

Gary & Reina Bronz Painting Paperhanging and Decorating Corp is a 3rd generation family owned and operated company dating back over 85 Years. The company was started after the Bronz family came to America via boat through Ellis Island, New York. With a vision of starting a new life in America, Harry Bronz picked up a respectable trade and began paperhanging his way through life. Harry Bronz had three sons who eventually took over the business from their father. His three sons: Joseph Bronz, George Bronz, and Hyman Bronz began what became known as Bronz Brothers Paperhanging.

This successful entrepreneurship took on new challenges and bigger clients, moving from mainly residential to more commercial opportunities. In the 70's, Joseph's son Gary began learning the trade as he watched his father and two uncles hang wall coverings throughout his childhood. In 1983, shortly after Joseph passed away, Gary and his Uncle George formed a new company named Gary & George Bronz Painting and Paperhanging Corp. This business focused mainly on commercial and industrial clients and did well over the years. A team of artisans and painters joined in the early 90's and helped the company grow beyond its potential.

After George passed away, Gary and his wife Reina, a graduate of the Metropolitan Institute of Design, decided to add an interior design consultation service and renamed the company Gary & Reina Bronz Painting, Paperhanging and Decorating Corp. This established company has serviced the Long Island and Metropolitan communities with its expertise for decades and will continue to be a strong presence in the industry for years to come.